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A limited edition gift kit for the holidays, featuring the popular Boot Bombs, and the Unfunk Yourself Helmet Spray. 

Detox for your brushing boots and helmet! Unfunk Yourself & Boot Bombs make cleaning your riding gear quick and hassle-free. 

Boot Bombs
Get the ick off your boots in a few easy steps! They fizz the crud right off. Just drop a bomb in a bucket and leave for 45 min, and ta-da! Sparkling clean!

6 boot bombs per bag.

Works on mohair too, as well as synthetics, brushes, boots, and more.

*Size and shape of bomb may vary.

1. Fill a bucket with warm water.
2. Toss in the Boot Bomb.
3. Immediately add your cross country boots (or any other synthetic boots) to the bucket.
4. Suggested soak time: drink 2 beers (that’s root beer for young riders) …30-45 min.
5. Remove boots from dirty water and rinse clean.
6. Allow to dry before use.

Unfunk Yourself Helmet Spray - 4oz
When your helmet smells as strong as a ranch hand’s socks… spray the funk away - freshens, cleanses, and disinfects.

Shake vigorously, natural ingredients will separate. Spray inside of helmet (boots, or gloves, or even yourself). For best results, use after every ride.

Water, Witch Hazel, Essential Oils