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A limited edition gift kit for the holidays, featuring the popular Brush Bombs, and the Unfunk Yourself Helmet Spray. 

Banish the funk and bring on the sparkle with this Unfunk Yourself & Brush Bombs Gift Kit!

Brush Bombs
Clean and refresh your beauty brushes with a few fizzing bombs that use effervescence to gently lift dirt and grime. Perfect for mohair and synthetic brushes, boots, and more! Let's get funky!

Works on mohair too, as well as synthetics, brushes, boots, and more.

4 brush bombs per bag.

1. Fill a bucket with warm water.
2. Toss in the Brush Bomb.
3. Immediately add your brushes to the bucket.
4. Let soak for 30–60 min.
5. Remove brushes from dirty water and rinse clean.
6. Allow to dry before use.

*Size and shape of brush bomb may vary.

Unfunk Yourself Helmet Spray - 4oz
When your helmet smells as strong as a ranch hand’s socks… spray the funk away - freshens, cleanses, and disinfects.

Shake vigorously, natural ingredients will separate. Spray inside of helmet (boots, or gloves, or even yourself). For best results, use after every ride.

Water, Witch Hazel, Essential Oils