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The Samshield limited collection cap is a very beautiful cap in a special edition that has only been produced in a limited number. The Samshield XJ in matte black is a beautiful riding helmet specially designed for riders with very high demands in terms of weight, ventilation and durability! The lining of this Samshield cap can be washed and is available in 2 versions.

Samshield XJ has a unique sizing system with 2 cap sizes and different lining sizes, so you can change the cap size later on with a different lining size! So you do not have to buy an expensive new cap if you need a smaller or larger size later.

This Samshield Limited XJ Mat Black comes with an inner liner and carrying bag!

The Samshield XJ size system consists of 3 different shells that fit the different liner sizes. Below you can see which sizes of liner fit the different Samshield shells.

  • Samshield cap shell M is suitable for a liner size 53 to 58 
  • Samshield cap shell L is suitable for a liner / liner size 58 to 61
  • Size 57 and 58 are available for both an M shell and an L shell.
  • Liner "Closed" (closed at the level of the forehead): provides additional stability.
  • Liner "Open" (open at forehead level): provides optimal airflow.