Animo is an exclusive Italian brand for high-performance equestrian sport and leisure time! We are the USA-based exclusive distributor for the imaginative and technically advanced Animo brand.

In this day and age, high-performance athletes are searching for and using materials that provide the utmost comfort and facilitate the most demanding technical performance. Well-designed, technical clothing is a must-have for an athlete striving to perform to the best of his or her abilities. Based on this concept, Animo offers clothing lines for equestrian sport and leisure time with a common thread: comfort and fashionable style.

The extraordinary elasticity of the fabrics allows the body freedom to move, and the special composition ensures constant body temperature and protection from excessive heat or cold. The silver woven into the yarns releases ions that are extremely efficient in combating the proliferation of bacteria, which is the main source of unpleasant odors. The body's humidity and perspiration are transferred to the exterior of the fabric, providing a pleasant sense of dryness and comfort for long days in the saddle. UV rays are automatically rejected, increasing the feeling of coolness on the skin. The lightness, the soft touch and the ease of maintenance of the garments, most of which are permanent-press, complete the high performance aspects of this clothing line, which represents a modern variation on the classic.

Animo dedicates itself to individuals who enjoy equestrian sports and leisure time spent in comfortable, elegant garments. Animo is exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy, which separates the brand not only for its advanced technology, but also for its lively, colorful collections that reveal the charm of products that are 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Animo NASPRE Breech Tan

$ 200.00