Friendship needs care. This is not only an expression of worldly wisdom, it also reflects our understanding of the relationship between the human being and the horse. Friendship, in our view, involves responsibility, trust and a sense of mutual appreciation. Effol focuses particularly on friendship with the horse, because caring for it is by no means a bothersome duty but rather a service of friendship which any horse lover is pleased to perform.

Experienced competitive riders as well as “Happy Hackers”, breeders and drivers all over the world – in fact everyone for whom the horse is not merely a working animal but rather a real friend who deserves genuine loving care – places their confidence in the well-established Effol brand. High-grade, natural components guarantee the top quality standard of our complete range. For over 100 years we have been committed to supporting the vitality, improving the performance level and maintaining the good health of your horse. Effol quality products are available in good equestrian sports shops only.
The complete range of Effol care products guarantees the well-being of your horse. All Effol care products are dermatologically tested, and the raw materials are processed in accordance with pharmaceutical law. Our products are therefore extremely skin and coat compatible.

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