We are fueled by our passion for horses and our love of equestrian sport. Three core ideas define Struck:

  1. Riding is a sport, dress like it.
  2. Riders are athletes; they need their clothing to help them perform at their best.
  3. We make our products in Canada.

Struck breeches are not about tradition. They were designed with the athlete in mind. While we try to still try to respect the traditions of the sport and its restrictions in competition, our breeches really try to address the physical demands of riders and riding itself. Our breeches aim to put the comfort and performance of the rider at the forefront. What that means is that we use the best fabrics available, cut and sewn in a manner that eliminates rubs and undue pressure points, and have innovative, cutting edge features to help riders look and perform at their best. 

We believe our workers should be treated and paid fairly while they help Struck come to life; so all breeches are proudly manufactured in Canada. 

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