Horse Pilot is aimed at riders who are looking for technical riding gear.  We find our inspiration in terms of technological advances, from clothing used in other sports: running, swimming, motorcycling...  Our goal is to offer breathable, insulating clothing that moves with the rider while making sure he or she is protected.

The equestrian brand also caters for the youngest age groups, with competition jackets and children's riding pants. From horse riding pantsto competition show-jackets, Horse Pilot designs equestrian equipment that is made to last. The latest, the Teknit Boot, a women's riding boot that adapts to any and all body shapes, is one of the greatest technical advances in the world of riding boots.

Horse Pilot Team Pants

$ 105.00

Horse Pilot SunTech Shirt

$ 90.00

Horse Pilot Atlas Polo

$ 115.00

Horse Pilot Storm Jacket

$ 120.00 $ 240.00

Horse Pilot Tempest Sweat Jacket

$ 100.00 $ 200.00

Horse Pilot Light Socks

$ 40.00

Horse Pilot Flex Fit Cap

$ 55.00

Horse Pilot Aerotech Cap

$ 65.00

Horse Pilot Rider Vest

from $ 130.00

Horse Pilot Ariia Polo

$ 115.00

Horse Pilot Aeromesh Show Jacket

$ 370.00

Horse Pilot Apparel Wash

$ 15.00

Horse Pilot Apparel Reproofer

$ 15.00

Horse Pilot Backpack

$ 290.00

Horse Pilot Outer Shell for Air Vest

$ 79.00 $ 180.00

Horse Pilot Rider Beanie

$ 40.00