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Versatility and withers relief at their best: the new Withers-free Pocket Configuration Pad is individually adjustable to the changing needs of your horse, as it is growing, ageing, building up or losing muscles. Especially designed for horses with high and long withers, this Pocket Configuration pad comes with 4 sets of Piuma inserts (flat, front riser, back riser and double riser) which can be arranged in the pockets of the pad in one or two layers, permitting a symmetrical or asymmetrical padding of the saddle, as required by the individual musculature and conformation of your horse. Therefore, choosing the proper configuration package always permits you to accomplish an optimal adjustment of your saddle yourself which can be a huge advantage.

Another big benefit offered by this lightweight pad type is its safe seat and easy positioning under the saddle. This is guaranteed by a central longitudinal opening with velcro-type closure perfectly fitting into the saddle gullet and channel, which avoids any twisting, slipping and distortion of the pad.

Riders preferring other than the standard Piuma (“Featherlight”) inserts are of course free to choose among various different padding materials, such as Acavallo Gel or Memory Foam, which can be easily cut to size, or felt, sheepskin, conventional foam or rubber. Our Withers-free Pocket Configuration Pad is also available with rear eco-wool (fake fur) edges, AC840.