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Arion Anatomic Double Noseband Bridle

The Arion Anatomic Double Noseband Bridle has a unique design that gives the benefit of both a regular cavesson and a drop noseband in one bridle. The integrated nosebands are ergonomically shaped for the horse's comfort and proper function. 

  • 100% vegetable tanned French leather
  • Padded anatomic crown
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Square raised detail

Not only is the Anatomic Double Noseband Bridle functional and effective, it sports Arion style and quality. The English bridle is made with vegetable tanned French leather and stainless steel hardware. The square raised details add a classic touch. The wide anatomic crown is padded and disperses pressure at the sensitive poll. The two nosebands help stabilize the bit and minimize jaw shifting. The Arion Anatomic Double Noseband Bridle comes complete with rubber reins.