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This classic curry brush from Epona is your horse’s best friend!

The Epona Wood Curry Brush is carved from smooth natural wood and features extra-long, durable bristles that are perfect for detangling its mane and tail! Use the Epona Wood Curry Brush to shed your horse and to curry away mud, dirt, and dander, as well. The flexible rubber cushion in which the bristles are set enables the brush to flex and fit the contour of your horse’s musculature.

The Epona Wood Curry Brush will give your horse pampering stimulation, and can even be used on horses and pets with sensitive skin. This brush is perfect for shedding out your horse’s winter coat, and its design prevents hair from getting clogged up in the bristles.

The Epona Wood Curry Brush is superior to metal or rubber curry brushes. It is gentler on your horse’s skin and gives the coat, mane, and tail a natural, healthy volume, instead of just pulling at like the harsher materials.

The Epona Wood Curry Brush is also perfect for use on dogs, cats, ponies, livestock, and any other furry friends! It is compact and lightweight, and is a must in any grooming kit or tack bag. Great for adding finishing touches to competition grooming.