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CATAGO FIR-Tech Stable Bell Boots are therapeutic bell boots for horses designed for use in the stable to promote healing as well as warming up prior to exercise. This pair of horse bell boots are a flexible wrap style with angled Velcro closure. CATAGO stable bell boots have the advantage of Far Infrared Technology to help horses feel better and perform better.

  • FIR-Tech lining
  • Secure Velcro closure
  • Wrap style
  • Black
  • One Pair

CATAGO FIR-Tech Stable Bell Boots are lined with FIR-Tech fabric with ceramic particles that supports increased blood flow to the coronet band and the hoof. FIR technology means the horse's body heat is reflected back into his body as far infrared heat that soothes and heals. FIR-Tech encourages better circulation, faster healing ,and less discomfort of hoof area, heel bulbs, and coronet area. These Stable Bell Boots are recommended for use before or after training and competition, for older horses, and for horses recovering from injuries.