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Flex-On® Safe-On Inclined Ultra Grip Stirrup are made of the environmentally friendly composite material over a spring steel frame. They feature a flexible outer branch designed to release your foot in the event of a fall at 40kg (approximately 88 pounds) of force.

This is an ergonomic stirrup design offering unparalleled performance, durability and comfort. Shock-absorbing elastomers help to alleviate joint fatigue in the rider, which in turn can help support the rider’s position.

The Inclined Ultra Grip tread of this Flex-On stirrup offers two advantages:

  • Spikes made of hardened steel deliver a nonslip grip. The spikes grip to the bottom of the riding boot to provide superior adhesion to the stirrup.
  • The incline of the footbed allows optimal foot positioning, which in turn enables better posture.