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These bracelets are handmade by Maasai women in Kenya, a tribe well-known for their beautiful beadwork.   Your purchase specifically helps these women earn money earmarked to send their daughters to school.   The women make the bracelets on their tribal lands which allows them to tend to their children and cattle and maintain a traditional lifestyle. 
Our bracelets are worn and enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages; they're meant to be left on until they fall off.  If you want the option to remove it, then don’t cut the end off, just wrap the end of the tail back under the bracelet so that the knot can be undone and re-tied later.  There is no need to remove the bracelet to shower or swim.  It should stay on for quite a while and will not get stinky!  Instructions will be sent with an order as to how to tie them.  


PLEASE NOTE - these are all hand made and some designs are a little different than pictured - thanks!

If there is a specific one you are interested in, please call for photos -