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Whether you see them as horses, ponies or burros, there's no denying how cute these guys are! Even better...they're upcycled and completely handmade entirely of leather scraps and also hand-stitched. 
Customers of all ages show their love for these four-legged friends by using them as a charm on a backpack or handbag or even hanging them from a rear view mirror.  They also make wonderful Christmas ornaments and gifts for equestrians. 
Nearly all are unique, though the color combinations may be similar.  Click on the one you like and the other combinations (of the same body color) will come up. If there's a particular combination you just have to have, let me know in an email and I'll try my best to send the one you want.  If you don't specify, don't worry, you will not be disappointed. I promise they're all adorable!