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The Kask Star Lady Chrome Riding Hat was one of the first equestrian helmets that Kask created. Kask has always been committed to creating products that provide both excellent safety and comfort, exceeding requirements set by international standards and norms. The Dogma Hat is no exception, meeting two international safety standards, and also passing Kask's in-house Rotational Impact WG11 Test.

This test identifies an objective method, based on scientific sources, for measuring the performance of its helmets against rotational impacts. The 'pass-fail' criteria is based on the BrlC value, an algorithm that defines the level of brain injury. This value must be lower than 0.68 (the lower the better); all Kask hats successfully pass this test, with values that are substantially less than 0.39.

Exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 570g, the Star Lady Hat is extremely comfortable to wear. The design is based on two honeycomb ventilation grids built in the polystyrene, which provide cooling airflow around the rider's head. This, combined with Kask's Click-In System, helps to keep your head feeling fresh and dry.

The Click-In System is a removable antibacterial, thermoregulating, breathable inner padding with Merino wool inside. This inner padding simply fastens to the outer shell with three pins that 'pop' into place. Having a removable liner allows you to keep the inside of the hat clean, as it can be washed inbetween uses.

At the back of the Star Lady Hat is a carefully placed 'Fit System'. This is Kask's patented self-adjusting adjustment system which allows the helmet to adapt perfectly and automatically to the rider by gently positioning itself on the back of the head.

Finished with a luxury faux leather chinstrap, Kask branding, a wide peak and smart chrome detailing, the Star Lady would be a superb choice for a range of equestrian disciplines, for wearing every day and at competitions.