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Experience the timeless elegance of this training shirt, carefully designed to combine feminine touches with high-performance features, elevating your equestrian experience to new heights.

Crafted from a breathable structured fabric, this shirt ensures optimal airflow, keeping you cool and composed, allowing you to focus entirely on your riding. The quick-dry and moisture-wicking function actively pulls away perspiration, ensuring you stay dry and focused throughout your ride. As you exude confidence and determination, the fabric tirelessly works to keep you feeling your best.

The shirt features a sophisticated 3/4 metal coil zipper, adding both versatility and style to your ensemble. It allows for easy ventilation control, adapting to changing weather conditions, while serving as an eye-catching accent. The logo metal puller with delicate crystals adds a subtle feminine touch.

Elastic tape with lurex detailing adorns the sleeves and back, providing a touch of shimmer to your outfit. With every movement, the lurex reflects light, creating a captivating sparkle. The lurex embroidery logos with crystals on the chest and back serve as exquisite embellishments, upgrading your equestrian wardrobe with sophistication.

Equipped with a chin guard, the shirt offers a soft and protective layer, preventing potential irritation. This ensures your focus remains on your training, undisturbed by discomfort or distractions.

The sharp and refined atmosphere created by this training shirt makes it ideal for layering or wearing alone during training sessions and warmer days. Versatile and exceptional, this shirt will feel right at home in any equestrian task you undertake.

  • Breathable Structured Fabric
  • Quick-dry And Wicking Function
  • 3/3 Zip In Metal Coil
  • Logo Metal Puller With Small Crystals
  • Elastic Tape With Lurex At Sleeve And In Back
  • Lurex Embroidery Logos With Crystals On Chest And Back
  • Chin Guard