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The long rain jacket with insulation is a true game-changer for equestrians who won't let rainy days dampen their spirits. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and confident, regardless of the weather. That's why we designed this jacket with everyday outdoor equestrian life in mind. It features a waterproof and breathable fabric that can withstand surprise showers, ensuring you stay dry without that uncomfortable clammy feeling.

Equipped with a convenient 2-way front zipper, this jacket offers flexibility and ease of movement. You have the freedom to adjust the zipper to your preference, keeping your legs dry while riding. You're always in control with this jacket.

Let your passion for equestrian fashion shine through with the subtle Kingsland logo touches. They can be found on the chest and in the unique button design, making a subtle yet powerful statement. Additionally, the tailored slit at the back and logo button closure add elegance while ensuring a secure fit and maintaining a stylish look. This jacket is perfect for providing an additional waterproof layer for riding in the rain and walking around equestrian events.

We've considered even the smallest details. The side pockets feature zippers for convenience, and there's an additional reflective patch on the hood to enhance your visibility. Whether you're riding on the road or navigating the arena, rest assured that you'll be seen and protected.

  • Insulated long rain jacket
  • Waterproof/breathable 10000mm/10000mm
  • 2-way zipper
  • Side pockets with zippers
  • Logo print on the left chest
  • Slit with fabric at the back and logo button
  • Laser cut logo on inside placket top
  • Reflective patch on hood