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The Ogilvy Jump Friction Free Pad might just be THE perfect pad. Made of durable poly cotton twill, protected with stain resistance on the outside, and Ogilvy's special quick-dry anti-bacterial/anti-fungal brushed poly on the inside. There is no foam in the inner section; it has been replaced by high performance hollow core fiber that wicks away the moisture from your horse and dries quickly after use.

The Friction Free Pad has been enhanced with an integrated half pad composed of an unparalleled combination of anti-friction and 3-D shock absorbing material. This combination of materials stabilizes the saddle pad and transfers movement and its resulting friction to the interior of the saddle pad, and away from the horse. It won't change the fit of your saddle, but it will change your ride. The Ogilvy Jump Friction Free pad is available in White, Black, and various other colors in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. We might not have all colors/sizes in stock, but we'd be happy to order them for you. Ogilvy Pads can be ordered in custom colors - give us a call for details