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Leather & felt half pad - Havana

Pénélope Collections

Created in 2012 in close collaboration between the french rider Penelope Leprévost and the brand, the leather and felt back pad PROis composed of three layers to ensure an optimal shock absorption capacity.

The lower layer, the one in contact with the saddle pad, is made of high quality perforated felt. It is a material that does not settle and has a strong cushioning and breathing capacity, thanks to its series of holes. 

The intermediate layer is a thin layer of neoprene that accentuates the cushioning aspect by not adding too much thickness. It allows the rider to stay very close to his horse. This layer of neoprene does not cover the withers in order to free it. 

The upper layer is made of a beautiful full grain leather stamped with the Penelope logo which is destined, like any piece of leather, to be made and shaped over time. It is therefore a product to be used several times before it takes the shape of your saddle.

Its cut has no seams under the saddle to avoid pressure points. The leather and felt Pro back pad is suitable for all purpose and jumping saddles. 

Composition: Leather, neoprene and felt.

Horse size for saddles from 16.5 inches. 

Maintenance advice: to keep your back pad as long as possible, we advise you to clean it with glycerine soap and moisturize it with a little leather balm.