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  • ESSENTIAL EQUINE ACCESSORY: Polo wraps are intended to warm poorly insulated muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the lower leg. Once warmed, they become more liber and stretchable which reduces the likelihood of injury during workouts. They also add a layer of protection against bumps and nicks. So, you have a comfortable, safe horse at peak performance.
  • COLD WATER WRAP: Although these Polo Wraps are not suited or intended for securing dressings or ice packs for your horse’s legs, they can be used as their own form of cold wrap. Simply place the Polo Wrap in a bucket of ice water, let soak, and then wrap like you would normally. It’s a great substitute for ice packs and other cold compress dressings.
  • EASY TO USE: To apply polo wraps, start at the middle of the horse’s cannon bone and spiral down the left, slightly stretching the wrap. Overlap about 50% until the fetlock is covered. Be sure to catch the ergot growth at the back of the fetlock. Then, spiral upward to the top of the horses’ cannon bone just below where the leg begins to widen.
  • EVERYTHING BUT THE HORSE: For over 45 years, Intrepid International has been the leading global manufacturer and distributor of products for horse and rider. We strive to provide quality products at reasonable prices with superior customer service
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Intrepid International Polo Wraps – Full Set of 4 Wraps. 5 Inches wide. 9.5 Inch touch tape closure. Machine washable in cold water using a light detergent. Machine dry on low temperature to prevent stiffening of the fabric. Replace wraps when they lose their stretch.