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Quic Braid Spray helps groomers create perfectly braided horse manes and tails. A popular horse show braiding spray at Mary's, Quic Braid from Exhibitor's is formulated to give just the right amount of texture to manes and tails. The added texture makes it possible to achieve tight, neat braids every time and to train manes to lie flat.

  • Adds grip without residue
  • Trains manes to lie flat

Quic Braid Total Mane & Tail Control leave-in spray minimizes stray hairs and leaves your horse's hair soft when dry. It adds grip without residue and washes out easily when the show is over. Quic Braid Spray is a must-have item for any horse show grooming box! The braiding aid is available in a 16oz spray bottle plus 64 oz jug refill. Why not get both sizes of Exhibitor's Quic Braid and be ready for the long show seasons ahead?