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A Boot Jacket is a silicone boot cover that is designed specifically for equestrian riding boots. It protects the boot from the elements. It is made with a large zipper in the front so is easy to put on and take off. There is a slit on the heal so it can be put on over spurs. A Boot Jacket is meant to protect the boots in the barn, around the showground and in the ring. Invented by Abbi Bentz, whose daughter is an equestrian, she had the idea many years ago to find something that would protect her daughters boots while she wasn’t in the show ring. She would wear her boots while mucking stalls, grooming and hosing off horses and while walking around the farm or showgrounds. Since getting her to change in and out of her boots was impossible, Abbi decided the solution was to invent a product that can be worn over the riding boots to protect them.