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This shampoo delivers an impressive natural radiance and strikes the perfect equilibrium between deep cleaning and preserving essential fur oils. Rosemary, its namesake, increases blood flow and has aromatherapeutic properties that boost relaxation and peace of mind. It also contains a host of ingredients to soothe itchy skin and stimulate hair growth. This concoction packs serious microbe-busting strength with Coconut Oil and Soap Nut, which can lift stains and kill bacteria. Plus, it's paw-safe for horses and pups alike with its all-natural components! P.S. Soap nut gives this blend a brownish tinge.

SHAKE VIGOROUSLY before use, every time, as natural ingredients will separate. Wet coat coat thoroughly, then apply shampoo and suds up. To cover large areas, you can also add a little in a bucket and fill with water, then use a sponge to apply. Rinse well, and let coat naturally dry. 


Additional benefits: 

  • Will not cause residue and build-up on the follicle, like most commercial products that contain silicone
  • Will encourage a healthier, fuller, more moisturized coat
  • Ingredients have anti-itch properties
  • Deodorizer - does your dog smell? This will help!